Ola Africa Travel, is a boutique tour operator specializing in short term breakways and vacations for men in Southern Africa. We cater for a bunch of dudes that would like to come to Africa, away from their busy city lives or just guys getting away from their family responsibilities to let off steam and in the process make new connections.

We have been in business since 2016; however, the brand changed ownership and management in the beginning of 2019. As the new owners, we have identified a niche in the market for a new trend known as "mancation", which is holidays that men take either by themselves or with their male pals.

With the new business model and management, we had to restructure our staff and partnerships, to reflect the current business model, that is enabling us to provide satisfactory service of the highest standard to our customers.

We have designed travel packages that suit different pockets of men, be it a short safari break, a day in the golf court, a few hours mountain hiking or a booze filled day. We also have left the imagination to a certain group of men who wish to design their own dream holiday.